Classroom Bonus

A classroom bonus is easy to recall. My best memories are of my school days. I was one of those rare kids who hated missing even a single day of school. A total contrast to those kids who suddenly develop tummy aches on the day of an exam. I especially used to love the first day of school when all the books are brand new. The pages of the notebooks are crisp and cold. The stationary is all packed nice and tight in the pencil box. The uniform is sparklingly clean and smells lovely.

New teachers, timetables and classes meant a lot to me. I looked forward to the end of the summer vacations when school would re open and I would be free again to be with my friends.

Maybe one reason why I loved school so much was because all my experiences and memories associated with school life were happy and joyous. I was lucky to be blessed with good and dedicated teachers who treated me with special care, and not like an ordinary student.

The inspiration given to me by my great teachers drove me to excel in many fields in my life. I became a skilled debater, seasoned writer and a moody poet as well. Even after so many years have passed by, I am still in contact with my teachers, my mentors. I try to see them when I can or if nothing else I surely send them an occasional letter or Christmas card.

My son is eight months old and I really want that when he starts school, it should be as pleasurable of a journey for him, as it was for me. I would really be disappointed if he turns out to those whiny kinds of boys who stand at the school gate every morning and hang onto their mother’s sleeve. They are not a classroom bonus.

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