Fall Bulletin Board

On this page you will find multiple fall bulletin boards. The first fall bulletin board was done a couple of years back. This was a bulletin board to promote the middle school and the work that the students had done so far that year. This was used in a Christian school although you can fit it in nicely with Sunday School too. These papers are a mix of their work assignments, math, language, etc. Another idea would be to have them write a paper on a specific topic. (ie: What prayer means to me) The scarecrow was blown up using a copier and is two parts taped together to make it bigger. Another way to do it would be to copy your picture on a transparency, attach a paper to the wall the size you want your scarecrow and use the transparency to draw it on your paper. The other pieces are part of a fall bulletin board set but if you want it to look homemade then just find clipart of leaves and whatever else you would like to complete your board. The saying on the board says: Fall Before God! As the leaves fall from the trees Lord, I fall down on my knees to praise You! If you have access to a laminating machine, then laminate each piece that do by hand so that you can keep it for upcoming years. Then when you use them again you can rearrange how you use them.

In this next set of pictures you can see on the left top a tree that was put on the door to the classroom, it stayed up all year. Each child had a leaf with their name on it. More leaves were made and they were falling or on the ground. The pumpkin at the bottom of the tree had this saying “Autumn leaves, Jesus doesn’t” on it. Below that is a in some leaves and nuts lying around. Not far from that was the leaf cross you see in the picture above and to the right of this one.

To the right of the cross is dot-to-dot’s colored and displayed.

Last we the ‘Cream of the Crop’. This was a fun board to make. Get a few sheets of green construction paper and cut one inch strips for the stalks. Get a sheet of yellow construction paper and cut strips of half an inch by 5 inches. Fold back and forth every half inch (this will be the top of the stalk). We used paper for the top of each ear of corn but I think that yellow yarn would look good here. We had a template for the ear of corn and the husks and I just copied them. We wrote down what was ‘Cream of the Crop’ in their life. We used brad’s to hold together the ears of corn but they aren’t needed.

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