A kindergarten graduation idea that’s easy to make.

My favorite graduation idea was the year that the graduation bulletin board set wasn’t used.

Here’s how it was done:

  • Using a cutting board, take blue construction paper and cut them into 3” squares. (one for each student)
  • Cut cubes of Styrofoam (used for depth, you can cut rings from empty toilet paper tubes)
  • Cut enough copy paper in half and roll them into ‘diplomas’ and tie a pretty ribbon around it. (the edges were taped down with scotch tape)
  • Take pictures of students in caps and gowns, print and cut out
  • Cut lengths of yarn (use your school colors), use your own judgment for length, an inch to an inch and a half from the end tie a knot and unravel that part of the yarn
  • find buttons that color coordinate to your paper


Using a hot glue gun attach the Styrofoam to the back side of the square (center). On the other side put the end of the yarn (without the knot) in the center. Quickly put a drop of glue on the end of the yarn and press down a button to cover the end of the yarn. The hat is now done, and you finished the diploma’s and pictures above.

Figure out how you want the hat, diploma, and picture to be laid out because you will need to hot glue them on the bulletin board paper. Well, the picture could be taped on. Although another way would be to hot glue each child’s setup to a piece of construction paper so that you could staple that paper to the board and at the end of the year you could give each child their own graduation page.

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