More things to do on the hundredth day!

Here is another collection of 100 things to do on the hundredth day. Some of these can be done in class and others can be done at home.

The top two pictures in this group are associated with the book ‘One Hundred Hungry Ants’ by Elinor J. Pinczes. Although both of these pictures use one line of ants, you can branch out and use the books other illustrations. (ie: two lines of fifty, four lines of twenty-five, or ten lines of ten) Another thing you can do would be use a ‘picnic scene’ to show where they’re headed.

On the second row left side, we have’ Miss Duncan’s Class is 100 Day’s Smarter’. Each child wrote their name down and then put ‘is 100 days smarter’ on their poster board. Next they added 100 things to their poster board.

The picture on the right hand side is basically the same idea without the saying. There is 100 hearts, 100 pieces of candy, 100 rubber bands (in the shape of Spongebob), etc.

The bottom picture is ‘100 Ways to Show God’s Love’. One hundred hearts with a way to show God’s love written on each one. Another way to arrange this might be to make a big 100 with the hearts and have both the zero’s in the shape of hearts.

Here’s an idea that can be started at home and finished at school. Have each child make a ‘trail mix’ to their liking at home with 100 things in it. (such as ten marshmallows, ten peanuts, ten m&m’s, ten pretzels, ten goldfish, etc. The nice thing about this is that each child will be taking what they like to snack on and after they count it out in class they can eat it!

Another idea is pass out 100 paper hats and let each child decorate it and wear it on the hundredth day. There were hats with 100 pom-pom’s, 100 strings, 100 buttons, etc. They were the cutest things.

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