See the Kinder Garden of Kindergarten

Want to plant a kinder garden? Then read on.

For the last month of school in one of our pre-k classes the teacher asked her kids who thought they were ready for kindergarten. Of course they all thought that they were ready. She asked them that question every time the ‘excitement’ of summer vacation showed in the behavior. If they showed her at any time that they were ‘ready’ for kindergarten, she wrote their name on the board. (of course their name could be erased depending of how they acted) If you got your name on the board and it stayed there till the end of the day, then you were READY for kindergarten.

After everyone was ‘ready’ they had their hand traced on construction paper. They also had their picture taken.

So now it’s time to make the garden.

  • print and cut out the pictures of the students
  • cut strips of green paper for the stems and leaves
  • cut out the hands
  • use your glue stick to assemble your ‘garden’

Alternative This idea can be also be used at the beginning of the year instead of at the end of it. If the theme in your room is flowers this would be a great idea. You can use your own hand or get pre-cut ones to use. Instead of pictures just put their name each flower.

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