Racing into Kindergarten

Racing into kindergarten can be exciting for a 4 year old.

Using the black construction paper cut approximately five inch strips and use white chalk of crayons to make the lines on the road. Depending on your track you may need to make some curves by cutting free-handed. Next have each child color, or decorate their car.

Now time set up for the picture. Set up a chair next to a wall and face the chair sideways. Have a student sit in the chair and turn their head, like they’re looking out the car window, at you. Using a digital camera, take their picture. After you have finished with all the snapshots, print out the pictures. Remember the pictures need to be small enough to fit in the car windows so you may want to figure out the size you should make them.

Now the most time consuming part. You need to match the picture of the student with their car and cut both out. Glue the picture in the window of the car so it looks like they’re looking at you.

In this illustration the teacher was in the first car and the assistant was in the last car.

Something different for the end of the track could be a ‘teacher’ holding a checker flag. The ‘teacher’ could have a speech bubble that says ‘Are you ready for next year?’ on it.

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