When Christ is in your life, then love never fails.

What can you do with ‘ Love Never Fails ’? Using our Accucut machine the hearts are easy to produce. If you don’t have one though, I’d take construction paper and quarter it. This way all your hearts will be around the same size.

On the pink background of this board the words ‘Love NEVER Fails’, stressing the word never, has been painted. This does give it a hands on look but as always you can cut out your letters if you want too. If you do that you can stress never with added layers of the word.

On each heart there could be a number of things:

  • just the students name
  • what each student thinks love means
  • who the student loves
  • how they know that God loves them

This was not my board so I’ve taken a good look at it and thought of a few things that I might change, so here are some alternatives.

  • I would have added some scripture such as 1 Corinthians 13:8 (New American Standard Bible).
  • I would have added a big heart in the center of the cross and written Christ on it.
  • I think I would have put something in the plain spots like swirls, squiggles, or rays coming out from the cross.

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