Pumpkin Patch

This first pumpkin patch was mainly used as a background for the students pictures. Each student had their picture taken in front of the board.

‘Our Precious Pumkin Patch’ was also done but pictures of the kids at the beginning of the year were used as part of the board.

Additional Idea: At the end of the year have a ‘Our Wonderful Watermelon Patch’ or some other catchy phrase and have their pictures taken at the latest possible date. Then put them together and give them to mom for memories of the year.

The last picture was an art project. Every student was to bring in a washed (dirt free) rock with their name on the bottom. During their art time they got to paint and decorate their pumpkin, as long as it was a happy pumpkin, any way they liked. A pipe-cleaner and leaf were hot-glued onto the rock. The eyes, nose, and mouth were painted on. They were taken home to be used for whatever they wanted. I brought my daughters home and it’s used for a door stop in her room.

Have any of these pictures sparked an idea?

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